Born in a mixed heritage family rich with culture and inspiration, Lauren Brevner grew up in Vancouver, BC.As a self-taught artist, the compositions of her paintings explore visual multimodality and range in the use of oil and acrylic. This unique technical style is combined with a collage of Japanese chiogami, yuzen, and washi paper on wooden panels. Her influence originates from the stylistic elements of traditional Japanese art and culture. She aspires to reinvent the eloquent tradition of using gold and silver leaf in her art. Lauren's paintings primarily involve the interpretation of female portraiture. Her depiction of women serves to empower rather than objectify. She plays with polychromatic layers; the figures within it existing in surreal and isometric spheres. The women embody strength, femininity, and sensuality through sombre silence. Their gaze a myriad narrative. Lauren Brevner seeks to create a commentary on the perverse subject of women's depiction in art throughout the ages in hopes to re-examine the perception of femininity and its overly sexualized marginalization.



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