"Takane no hana" photos

Below are a few shots from the private opening gala for the show which was on February 4th. The show is now open to the public until February the 25th, check it out if you're in the 6!


I've also updated the "work" section of my site with my new pieces so check them out :) 


xox Lauren

Updates- "Exhibitionists" on CBC

I was fortunate enough to be on a recent episode of CBC Arts new show "Exhibitionists" which will air this Sunday the 14th (valentines day!) on CBC at 4:30pm. Follow the link to watch my segment now. Thanks Lisa Wu for doing such a great job!!! Click HERE to watch the episode online.

I will also be taking over the CBC Arts instagram account on the 13th and 14th so give them a follow to see my posts! 



In other news, my "Takane no Hana" exhibition was fantastic!! It was really great meeting you guys :D . If you didn't get a chance to see it, it's on in Toronto at Twist gallery until February 26th.

I'll be updating my website with the new pieces soon and writing a post including photos from the exhibition. 

I am currently visiting a friend in Costa Rica, watching monkeys and lizards and getting too much sun for my own good. But i will try my best to get this stuff up as soon as i can!

Have a great rest of the week guys!!


xox Lauren 

"Takane no Hana"

Hey guys!

Just a quick post to share the poster for my upcoming solo show "Takane no hana". I will have 8 new pieces aswell as some existing pieces from my previous EMW exhibition. If you happen to be in Toronto in February make sure to go check it out!


Artlink Canada is proud to present our major selling exhibition, "Takane no Hana” at Twist Gallery in Toronto, Canada from February 4th - 25th, 2016. "Takane no Hana" is a debut solo exhibition featuring self-taught Vancouver-based artist, Lauren Brevner. This exhibition showcases visually striking female portraits that reflects the artist’s mixed-heritage, as well as her take on the cultural and contemporary motifs of the 21st century. Lauren is most notably influenced by her Japanese roots, which can be seen in her female subjects, their clothing, her choice of origami patterns and the overall compositions.

"Takane no Hana" is a Japanese idiom that roughly translates to "flower on a high peak." It is meant to convey a pure and melancholic longing when admiring beauty from afar. Lauren's portraits embody a desired, pursued, yet indefinable muse. These works hope to invoke an emotional connection between the subjects and the viewer.

*Open to the public February 5th, 2016
*Gallery hours 11:00 - 6:00 pm Tuesday to Saturday

"Wabi-sabi" Print edition open!

Just in time for the holidays!... Kind of. Due to family and life circumstances i was not able to get the edition ready to be shipped for Christmas but the prints can still be gifted! 

This edition is 14x20" image size with a 1.5" border. Each of the 30 prints will be hand detailed by me with gold and silver leaf as well as acrylic paints. If you would like to snag one you can email me at info@laurenbrevner.com. 

Hope you are all having a great time with family and friends this holiday season!!

xox Lauren


***prints are $165 plus shipping,  shipped in tubes


Hey everyone!

Just some updates of what's on the go and things that have passed over the summer. It has been a great one this year and i'm really happy with where it's all going! Many exciting event's on the horizon, the first being the "East Meets West" Exhibition in Toronto.

As you can see above the exhibition will take place at Only One Gallery  with an opening night cocktail soiree on November 12th. The opening night is a ticketed event and you can purchase tickets by contacting Artlink Canada . I have not yet figured out if i will be able to make it to the show or not but i will keep you posted!

In other news, i participated in this years Luxury Supercar Weekend at Vandeusen Gardens. It was a collaboration between me, Artlink Canada and Wrap Workz vancouver. I had the amazing opportunity to customize a brand new, unreleased 2016 F-Type Jaguar. It was SUCH a cool experience, so much so that we've already decided to participate in LSW again in august 2016! Also, the car i detailed won for best Artistic Livery! Very cool!! 

Lastly im extremely excited and nervous to announce that i have a solo show coming up this February at Twist gallery in Toronto. The yet to be named show will be on display for the month of February and will include 8 new large scale works as well as some older pieces, prints and some drawings. I'll keep you guys posted about that as I get more info.



Thats it for now, can't wait to show you all the new paintings im working on!!

xox Lauren




I'm a little behind with updates and such but I just couldn't not share this lovely poem by Jess Smith. Jess came to my show in Vancouver and asked if she could create a poem based off one of my pieces, "Wabi-Sabi." The end result is so beautiful, and it completely resonates with me on a personal level. I couldn't be more proud and equally inspired by her words!

Below is an excerpt from her poem and, just for fun, here are a few work-in-progress shots of Wabi-sabi ( please excuse the poor cell quality photos). All of my pieces go through a metamorphosis of sorts, sometimes they become butterflies and other times silk worms - both equally gratifying. 

"I am not timeless 
But my essence is 

and She, 
my Love,  
is beautiful

So, I will leave her
in all the places I go
I will give her 
to all who are deserving

Rather than being the beautiful butterfly
I will be the silk worm
Quietly and Peacefully weaving 
the exotic, beautiful silk I came to create

And I will adorn
All that I can
and All who I love
In the fruits of my labour"


Do yourself a favor and go check out the full poem along with her other works on Jess's blog HERE

In other news, I have a show confirmed in Toronto! It will be at Only One Gallery in November from the 12th to the 25th. The show will be a continuation of the East Meets West exhibition, but I will be adding some new work to the collection. Also, I will be doing a limited (resin) print edition of my piece "Shakudo"  which I will be announcing very soon! If you would like to know more or pre order, you can email me at info@laurenbrevner.com or fill out the form on the contact page and I'll add you to the list!

Other than that, I hope all is well! Now that the show is done, I will be working in the studio again; which means, things will be active round here once more.

Thanks as always for reading,

Happy Friday!


xox Lauren 


Global Interview with Artlink Canada

Today marks 16 days left until the opening of East Meets West Exhibition here in Vancouver. A few weeks ago, there was a preview exhibition hosted at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel. It included two new works by me, as well as a few from both Feng Bin and Pan Jian. The ladies from Artlink Canada had an interview with Global Morning News Calgary with details about them, the preview show, as well as the upcoming East Meets West Exhibition in Vancouver. Check out the video below!

Have a lovely week folks!

xox Lauren

Monday Miscellany: Retro Magazine Design

I've always been fond of magazines for their synthesis of visual and written content. In a magazine, one cannot work without the other. And this happens from the moment it grabs our attention on the stand. Magazines come in all shapes and forms, appealing to all interests and personalities. As an artist, what intrigues me the most is the craftsmanship of the designers behind these magazines. And where it all began. Here are a few notable mentions:

Alexey Brodovitch - Harpers Bazaar 

Alexey Brodovitch is best known for his art direction of Harper's Bazaar Magazine (1934-1958). Russian-born photographer, this man had an eye for design. He's even behind the famous Bodoni font (now a staple in Microsoft Word). 

This disease of our age is boredom... The way to combat this is by invention - by surprise. When I say a good picture has surprise value, I mean that it stimulates my thinking and intrigues me.
If an artist is to maintain his integrity, he must be responsible to himself; he must seek a public which will accept his vision, rather than pervert his vision to fit that public

David Carson - Ray Gun Magazine

David Carson is notable for his experimental design and grunge typography. This paired perfectly with Ray Gun's focus on rock music and alternative lifestyle. 

david_carson_7_jacob_armitage (1).jpg

Zuzana Licko- Emigre


Zuzana Licko is an architect, computer programmer, photographer, and graphic designer. She founded Emigre Magazine in the mid-80's, using it as a creative platform to design and distribute fonts. 

Cipe Pineles - Seventeen Magazine

Cipe Pineles was a New York based designer and art director who worked on several notable magazines such as Charm, Mademoiselle, and of course, Seventeen.  She was also dubbed the first female in the Art Directors Club in 1943.

Allen Hurlburt - Look Magazine

While at university, Hurlburt received a note of praise from Dr. Agha, art director at Vanity Fair when his university magazine, Punch Bowl, did a parody of that magazine. Later that year he he saw the work of Alexey Brodovitch at an exhibition. He never worked or studied under either of these men, but they both had a profound influence on his development as a designer and art director.


He became best known for his creative use of photographic images during the sixties. Hurlburt’s innovative page design and understanding of the use of photographs and artwork made Look one of the most respected magazines in the design world.

Cheers to a relaxing Monday!

xox Lauren

Colour Crush

Wes Anderson- Think pink!

Just push play and read on

With the recent news of the new Bar Luce opening in Milan this past week, the internet has been buzzing. But really, how could it not? A real life cafe that looks like something straight out of a Wes Anderson flick, it's an artists wet dream ( espresso, avocado coloured booths, Steve Zissou pinball machinea curated jukebox.. uhhhhg). In his own words, he describes that, "while I do think it would make a pretty good movie set, I think it would make an even better place to write a movie. I tried to make it a bar I would want to spend my own non-fictional afternoons in." I could literally write blog posts about his work forever ( and he will most likely be showing up as a topic again in the future) but for now i'd like to think pink

Bar Luce

Bar Luce

The two films that use the most fabulous shades of pink are The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Royal Tenenbaums. Wes tends to use this colour often and in the most sultry way. Many of his films are heavily coloured and are quite emotive because of it. But let me start with the Grand Budapest Hotel, a movie that I had to see three times in theatres, i couldn't handle how beautiful it was. 

The insane amount of detail and extra work he puts into his films is really awe inspiring. There's just so much to love. I, for one, am a huge fan of his colour palettes and the way he often films on a vertical plane creating perfect symmetry in his scenes. 

Don't even get me started on Mendl's 

Above are GIF's of the instructional video on how to make a Mendl's pastry, you can view the full video here

Rudeness is merely an expression of fear. People fear they won’t get what they want. The most dreadful and unattractive person only needs to be loved and they will open up like a flower.
— M. Gustave

As if thrust into a dream-like escapism, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a feast for the sensations. One that leaves you starved for more, yet still buzzing with that special feeling one only gets watching a Wes Anderson film. The colours, imagery, movement, and sounds you experience watching this film is nothing short of art. 

This was the first Wes Anderson movie I ever saw and it turned me into an instant fan. Like the Grand Budapest Hotel, the movie has an instant atmosphere that draws you in.  The fast paced dialogue that's witty and blunt adds to the charm of the entire movie. You get it, you're in it, and you wish you were them.

Chas: Why did you try to kill yourself?
Ethel: Don’t press him right now.
Richie: I wrote a suicide note.
Chas: You did?
Richie: Yeah. Right after I regained consciousness.
Chas: Can we read it?
Richie: No.
Chas: Can you paraphrase it for us?
Richie: I don’t think so.
Chas: Is it dark?
Richie: Of course it’s dark, it’s a suicide note.

The colour schemes of the movie along with the costumes are so unreal and quirky, they mimic the actual characters themselves. Wes Anderson has the amazing ability to transform ordinary film landscapes and trick you into thinking it's almost too good to be true.

And lest we forget Margot's über stylish Zebra wallpaper which you can actually purchase here

Happy may long to my fellow Canadians out there. Enjoy your weekends everyone, and don't forget to think pink!

xox Lauren 

Way Back Whensday- Itchiku Kubota

Kimono as Art

At first, the two don’t seem to fit. A Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment and literally translates to a thing to wear.

And then there’s this:


Itchiku Kubota is a textile artist and painter. His inspiration stemmed from a deep-rooted interest in the long forgotten form of Tsujigahana- a Japanese technique that involves the dyeing, brush painting, embroidery, and my favourite - metallic leaf. After a visit to the Tokyo national museum at the age of 20, he vowed to bring back this dye-ing art. 

During an interview, Mr.Kubota explains “I want the fabric to express something. I want people to feel something. That is the hard part. That is the challenge. That is the effect I want. Art that speaks to people. Art that tells them something." In the series, Kimono As Art, you get a step-by-step look at the making of his pieces. 


I find an immense beauty in art that is produced from labour. The dedication, skill, and patience that come with the meticulous and calculated tasks are awe-inspiring. Itchiku Kubota spent his life reviving a lost art so that we may experience what could have been history.

Throughout his lifetime, Itchiku Kubota created a legacy. After his death, it was passed down to his son and successor. His works remain at the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum in Kawaguchi-ko, Yamanashi, Japan. 

This is an image of Kubota's Symphony of Lights, a panoramic landscape painting that flows from kimono to kimono.

Monday Miscellany: Monochrome

Here are a random selection of finds from the past week, from books to songs to art, and anything in between. Mood for the week; Monochrome.

Fantastic abstract doodles by Brooklyn graphic designer Gabrielle Lamontagne. I've always had a thing for black and white.. 


Just finished reading the book Damn good advice by George Lois that is more of a collection of anecdotes than anything ( He is the man that the popular television show "Mad Men" is loosely based off of ) This is one of those books that will become dog-eared because of the density of information and inspiration it has to offer, Capital!

Sarah Vaughan- Broken hearted memories

Sarah Vaughhan, the queen of Jazz herself and such a beautiful song.

The "Capsule wardrobe" 

I've been toying with this idea for quite some time now. I tend to be a minimalist in terms of clothing so when i heard the idea of a capsule wardrobe i was immediately intrigued. The website UNFANCY has the ultimate guide to how to build your own capsule wardrobe, and i think i may be trying this for fall! 

Happy Birthday Audrey

Audrey heburn was and forever will be the embodiment of grace, elegance and femininity. One of my personal hero's, this past monday would have been her 86th Birthday,  Happy birthday to Audrey and her beautiful soul.

Wishing you all a great start to the week! 

xox Lauren

Dress up time- Cultural appropriation in the media

May 4th was the annual MET gala fundraiser, hosted by Anna Wintour, which raises money for the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. This year's theme for the event was "China; Through the Looking Glass" which turned this -let's be honest- celebrity fashion show into what seemed like a stereotypical “asian" themed costume party. The celebrities were out in droves wearing all kinds of couture ensembles from chopstick hair pieces (which, in Chinese culture, represents death in the family) to opium dresses - classy.

Sarah Jessica Parker- Met Gala 2015

Sarah Jessica Parker- Met Gala 2015

Not only are these Manhattan socialites making a mockery of the culture themselves, but they are doing it unknowingly. This is the problem: ignorance.  I am not the type that berates someone for wearing the traditional garment of a culture they are not a part of. However, I do think that there should be a purpose to the choices you make, and you should know what those choices represent. Someone who chooses to wear a kimono because they love Japanese culture and want to showcase the tradition is one thing. Someone who wears a Chinese inspired hair-piece made by an Irish couture designer to an event specifically about Chinese culture for publicity is another thing entirely. There's a great quote that illustrates this point by indigenous fashion researcher and blogger where she explains that, "the best way to honour a culture is by working with designers from that culture. Buy from them - or if you're inclined to make your own look, collaborate with them." 

Emma Roberts-Instagram

Emma Roberts-Instagram

Unfortunately, this issue goes so much deeper than dragon embroidered clutches and sushi shoes. Cultural appropriation is a serious issue in North America and is constantly perpetuated through mass-absorbed media such as film and television. Just last week, I read an article about how Scarlett Johanson has been cast in the live action remake of the overtly popular Japanese manga, Ghost in the Shell. Ethnic characters rarely get the chance to be represented fairly in North American film.A good example of this was the 2005 film Memoirs of Geisha. The movie is based entirely on Japan and its traditions. Yet, a majority of the main cast was not even Japanese. The problem isn’t that they casted Chinese actors, but that the importance of getting big names to sell movies was prioritized over placing significance in the representation of a nation.

Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li , and Michelle Yeoh- Memoirs of a geisha 2005

Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li , and Michelle Yeoh- Memoirs of a geisha 2005

This issue leaks into so many things, art being a major one. That being said i do urge everyone to think carefully about what you choose to project as well as what to consume. I’m not perfect and I'm sure I've had my slip ups in the past, but I can say that as an artist, I make a conscious effort to think about what I put out into the world and the possible impact it has. 

xox Lauren

East Meets West Exhibition: Vancouver

Morning everyone! As you know, I've been working incessantly in preparation for the East Meets West exhibition happening in June. This will be the first show I will be working on alongside the two incredibly talented founders of Artlink Canada, Allison Thompson and Crane Wang. Hailing from Sotheby's Institute of Art, both these women showcase a diverse range of experience in traditional and contemporary art. East Meets West will be hosted at the Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver, BC from June 10th to the 14th, 2015. The exhibition then moves to Jaydon Chinese Gallery from June 17 to July 10th.


For more info about the show, keep checking my events page. Stay tuned throughout the next few weeks for exciting updates, new work, and Q&A sesh!

xox Lauren


 Hi everyone and welcome to my new website/ blog! I've spent the last few weeks trying to get my online presence in order in preparation for my show coming up in June. Lot's of work let me tell you, especially if you've changed your name (-_-; ) While there's not much I can show in terms of art ( have to keep that on lockdown of course, y'all know the drill), I have updated my bio thanks to the help of my new publicist Edil (godsend). So check that out and subscribe below if you haven't already. I have around 10 new paintings coming that are all bigger than i've ever painted, super excited about it and can't wait to share with everyone!

If you guys are around Vancouver in June be sure to mark your calendars for the show. I'll have a ton more info coming but until then you can check the Artlink Canada website to learn more.

Thanks again for sticking around everyone! More to come soon, I promise :)

xox Lauren