"Takane no hana" photos

Below are a few shots from the private opening gala for the show which was on February 4th. The show is now open to the public until February the 25th, check it out if you're in the 6!


I've also updated the "work" section of my site with my new pieces so check them out :) 


xox Lauren

Updates- "Exhibitionists" on CBC

I was fortunate enough to be on a recent episode of CBC Arts new show "Exhibitionists" which will air this Sunday the 14th (valentines day!) on CBC at 4:30pm. Follow the link to watch my segment now. Thanks Lisa Wu for doing such a great job!!! Click HERE to watch the episode online.

I will also be taking over the CBC Arts instagram account on the 13th and 14th so give them a follow to see my posts! 



In other news, my "Takane no Hana" exhibition was fantastic!! It was really great meeting you guys :D . If you didn't get a chance to see it, it's on in Toronto at Twist gallery until February 26th.

I'll be updating my website with the new pieces soon and writing a post including photos from the exhibition. 

I am currently visiting a friend in Costa Rica, watching monkeys and lizards and getting too much sun for my own good. But i will try my best to get this stuff up as soon as i can!

Have a great rest of the week guys!!


xox Lauren