I'm a little behind with updates and such but I just couldn't not share this lovely poem by Jess Smith. Jess came to my show in Vancouver and asked if she could create a poem based off one of my pieces, "Wabi-Sabi." The end result is so beautiful, and it completely resonates with me on a personal level. I couldn't be more proud and equally inspired by her words!

Below is an excerpt from her poem and, just for fun, here are a few work-in-progress shots of Wabi-sabi ( please excuse the poor cell quality photos). All of my pieces go through a metamorphosis of sorts, sometimes they become butterflies and other times silk worms - both equally gratifying. 

"I am not timeless 
But my essence is 

and She, 
my Love,  
is beautiful

So, I will leave her
in all the places I go
I will give her 
to all who are deserving

Rather than being the beautiful butterfly
I will be the silk worm
Quietly and Peacefully weaving 
the exotic, beautiful silk I came to create

And I will adorn
All that I can
and All who I love
In the fruits of my labour"


Do yourself a favor and go check out the full poem along with her other works on Jess's blog HERE

In other news, I have a show confirmed in Toronto! It will be at Only One Gallery in November from the 12th to the 25th. The show will be a continuation of the East Meets West exhibition, but I will be adding some new work to the collection. Also, I will be doing a limited (resin) print edition of my piece "Shakudo"  which I will be announcing very soon! If you would like to know more or pre order, you can email me at or fill out the form on the contact page and I'll add you to the list!

Other than that, I hope all is well! Now that the show is done, I will be working in the studio again; which means, things will be active round here once more.

Thanks as always for reading,

Happy Friday!


xox Lauren