"Reflection"- Vancouver B.C
Jul 8

"Reflection"- Vancouver B.C

  • Jaydon Art Gallery

Artlink Canada is proud to present, "Reflection", a new and compelling selling exhibition celebrating contemporary portraiture paintings from a new generation of imaginative and thought-provoking artists. "Reflection" features a talented group of artists includingCristina Troufa (Portugal), Justin Hopkins (Los Angeles), Daniel Segrove (San Francisco) and Lauren Brevner (Vancouver). This exhibition showcases and re-embraces the evolution of portraiture paintings and highlights the contemporary directions that artists have taken in this genre. The exhibition will take place in Vancouver, Canada from June 8th - July 8th, 2016 at Jaydon Art Gallery

As the twentieth century came to a close, there was a fear that the traditional methods of portraiture had entered a permanent decline. Modern photography and video practices had now become the most accessible and popular modes of portraiture. The paintings to be showcased in "Reflection" illustrate a perfect transition from traditional to contemporary composition. Traditional portraiture is challenged in this exhibition by displaying new means of creative expression via the development of portraiture compositions and the use of non-naturalistic colors. This exhibition represents artists that embody the creative possibilities, inventiveness and originality of portraiture in the 21st century. 

"Reflection" hopes for the viewers to take a moment for self-reflection and allow for personal discoveries in each one of these paintings. Though each one of us is unique as an individual, this body of work explores the similarities found in all of us and reminds us what makes us human.

*Open to the public June 8th, 2016
*Gallery hours 11.00 - 18.00 Tuesday to Saturday

Takane no Hana
Feb 25

Takane no Hana

  • Twist gallery

Artlink Canada is proud to present our major selling exhibition, "Takane no Hana” at Twist Gallery in Toronto, Canada from February 4th - 25th, 2016. "Takane no Hana" is a debut solo exhibition featuring self-taught Vancouver-based artist, Lauren Brevner. This exhibition showcases visually striking female portraits that reflects the artist’s mixed-heritage, as well as her take on the cultural and contemporary motifs of the 21st century. Lauren is most notably influenced by her Japanese roots, which can be seen in her female subjects, their clothing, her choice of origami patterns and the overall compositions.

"Takane no Hana" is a Japanese idiom that roughly translates to "flower on a high peak." It is meant to convey a pure and melancholic longing when admiring beauty from afar. Lauren's portraits embody a desired, pursued, yet indefinable muse. These works hope to invoke an emotional connection between the subjects and the viewer.

*Open to the public February 5th, 2016
*Gallery hours 11:00 - 6:00 pm Tuesday to Saturday

East meets West- Toronto viewing
Nov 25

East meets West- Toronto viewing

  • Only one gallery

From November 12th to the 25th 2015 the "East meets west" exhibition will be moving to Toronto for its second showing. The event will be held at Only one gallery which is located in the Queen west corridor. There will be new pieces as well as pre existing works from the original showing that was held in Vancouver B.C. 

For more information about the East meets west exhibition, watch the show documentary Here or contact Allison Thompson of Artlink canada at artlinkcanada@outlook.com

"East meets west" Preview
Apr 29

"East meets west" Preview

  • East meets west

There will be a preview for the "East meets west" show held in Calgary Alberta on Thursday April 28-29th.  Email Allison Thompson at artlinkcanada@outlook.com for location details.